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Übersetzungsbüro Marina Friedrich
Übersetzungen Deutsch <> Englisch
Musikunterricht Geige & Blockflöte
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Übersetzungsbüro Marina Friedrich

Illerweg 2
87549 Rettenberg / Untermaiselstein
Phone: 0049(0)8327 / 1092
Fax: 0049(0)8327 / 9305995

Training and Work

Registered correspondent and translator/interpretor for English
Sworn translator for English
Admitted to court

Certified translations of school reports, diplomas and references for studying and working abroad

Certified translations of agreements, certificates, documents and medical reports

Translation of manuals, newspaper articles and magazines

Translation of medical reports to make it easier for your new doctor abroad to understand and file your medical history

Working at court for translations and interpretations.

General Information

Please send the documents to me after previous consultation, either by email as PDF or clearly scanned image, by fax or as photocopy by mail. For translation original documents are not necessary.

Payment can be effected by picking up the documents, by paying in advance or by cash on delivery.
Already registered customers may pay the invoice within 14 days by bank transfer.

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